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IATA conferences, exhibitions and industry meetings provide organizations active in air transport with an essential arena for insight, discussion and cooperation on new technologies and industry-related issues.

Topics cover areas as diverse as ground handling, security, fuel, etc., benefiting airlines, travel and cargo professionals as well as service providers and governments. ​​​​

Delhi International Aviation Summit3 September- 4 September​New Delhi, IndiaBy Invitation only
IATA Training Hackathon8 September- 9 September

​Montreal, Canada

e-learning developers, programmers, instructional designers
Airs@t Forum11 September- 12 SeptemberSiem Reap. CambodiaAirlines using or interested in Airs@t
AIR Hackathon14 September- 16 SeptemberGeneva, SwitzerlandOpen to Developers
Global Fraud Prevention17 September- 18 SeptemberMadrid, SpainOpen to All
AirportIS Forum 19 September- 19 September

​Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China

Airports only
Destination Marketing Forum19 September- 19 SeptemberGuangzhou, People’s Republic of ChinaDestination marketing professionals
Digital Cargo Conference18 September- 19 SeptemberGeneva, SwitzerlandOpen to All
Central America Aviation Day19 September- 20 SeptemberSan José, Costa RicaOpen to all
World Financial Symposium17 September- 20 SeptemberMadrid, Spain
Open to all
Maintenance Cost Conference 201819 September- 21 SeptemberAtlanta, USA
Engineering & maintenance professionals
AVSEC World Day1 October- 1 OctoberAthens, GreeceOpen to all
Global Sustainable Aviation Summit2 October- 3 OctoberGeneva, SwitzerlandOpen to all
Global Airport & Passenger Symposium2 October- 4 October​Athens, Greece
Open to all
Business Technology Forum8 October- 9 OctoberCairo, EgyptBy invitation only
Cargo Security & Facilitation Forum9 October- 10 October
Bangkok, Thailand
Open to all
Lithium Battery Workshop9 October- 10 OctoberBangkok, Thailand
Open to all
DronesLAB9 October- 10 October​Bangkok, Thailand
Open to all
AirPharma Conference9 October- 11 October​Bangkok, Thailand
Open to all
Cargo Events9 October- 11 OctoberBangkok, Thailand
Open to all
Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention Conference9 October- 11 OctoberBangkok, Thailand
Open to all
Airline Industry Retailing Symposium23 October- 25 OctoberRome, ItalyOpen to all
Wings of Change - Europe13 November- 14 November​Madrid, SpainOpen to all
Aviation Fuel Forum13 November- 15 NovemberSingapore
Member Airlines and Strategic Partners
Alternative Fuel Symposium15 November- 16 NovemberSingapore, Singapore
Open to all
143rd Slot Conference13 November- 16 November​​Madrid, SpainAirlines & Level 2 & 3 Coordinators only
AVSEC World26 February- 28 February​Miami, Florida, USA
Open to all
World Cargo Symposium12 March- 14 March​Singapore, Singapore
Open to all
CNS Partnership Conference5 May- 7 May​Miami, FloridaOpen to All
IGHC Conference 26 May- 29 May
Madrid, Spain
Open to all
Aviation Data Symposium25 June- 27 JuneAthens, Greece
Open to all

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