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Procure, sell, and valuate aircraft surplus parts optimally


IATA’s MRO SmartHub is a neutral web-based platform enabling airlines, MRO service providers, OEMs, and appraisers to gain a greater transparency of the surplus aftermarket plus real-time access to fair market values (FMV) for aircraft parts. Airlines and MRO service providers are expected to eliminate 10-15% of their material cost through the use of the platform.

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Modules of MRO SmartHub




Provides Fair Market Value and detailed statistics for surplus parts.



Process multiple auction lots with the full support of evaluation functionalities.



Eases trading with preferred partners through a distinctive trading channel.

Asset Manager

Easily manage teardown assets together with internal and external partners.

Companies Involved



The key benefits of using MRO SmartHub


  • Transparency without disclosing sensitive information
  • Safe, neutral and unbiased valuation
  • Fair market value for parts
  • Reduction in material cost
  • Maximizing usability of on-hand inventory
  • Trading capabilities, incl. exchange, consignment, and auctioning
  • True availability of surplus material
  • Effortless integration into ERP systems

Frequently Asked Questions


IATA’s MRO SmartHub is a neutral web-based platform enabling the MRO industry to gain a greater transparency of the surplus aftermarket. It supports industry players to get real-time access to priced parts and data analytics including a proprietary fair market value (FMV) for spare parts.

You can register for a free-of-charge account here. With this account, you have limited access to Connector and Auctioneer. Further access requires a subscription agreement. For more details, please reach out to our product team.

MRO SmartHub consists of six modules:

  • Connector – Spare parts trading on a new level: real-time access to all priced material for buyers and an innovative listing concept for suppliers.
  • Evaluator – Access to comprehensive data analytics and fair market values (FMV) for parts, material lists, inventories, and companies.
  • Auctioneer – Conduct sales auctions of excess inventories or reverse auctions that ask for quotes. Both auction types come with industry-wide complimentary marketing support. As bidder you can participate in all auctions free-of-charge.
  • Asset Manager – Join forces with internal and external partners to consolidate demands on material for acquiring potential assets for teardown.
  • Teardown Module – Simplifies the handling of teardown projects by centralizing processes for all involved parties. Including support for external partners from joint-bid projects.
  • Consignment – Efficiently handle your consignment projects by getting rid of spreadsheets and regular status meetings. Full traceability, completely integrated in other modules and potentially your inventory / ERP software.

Yes. MRO SmartHub is designed to offer all features inside the web-based UI to everybody via an API to interface to any internal IT software to offer seamless access to all features and KPIs. If you have custom requirements, we are happy to accommodate them during the onboarding.

With its different modules, MRO SmartHub improves your supply-chain activities by providing necessary KPI and analytics to achieve informed decisions and by hosting priced and available material to reduce time and costs in material procurement. Additionally, by offering digital process support for innovative approaches like joint-bidding on teardown assets or reverse auctions, MRO SmartHub opens new perspective and possibilities for all players in the MRO market.

Yes, you have various options on MRO SmartHub to search and buy spare parts:

  • Connector – classic trading platform with the unique difference that all listed parts are priced and available. Forget about ghost listings.
  • Auctioneer – conduct time-limited sourcing auctions to selected suppliers or as a public auction with complimentary marketing from IATA.
  • Asset Manager – run or participate in joint-bid projects to acquire assets for dismantling operations to cost-efficiently source material.

We are actively maintaining and extending the IATA MRO SmartHub. If you have noticed any issues, or have questions not answered in the FAQ below, please contact the IATA MRO SmartHub team. Please make sure to include all relevant information (and screenshots, as applicable).

FMV - Data and Methodology

The IATA fair market value (FMV) is strategic value providing guidance on the valuation of spare parts. The FMV enables companies to support any decision along the supply-chain with a neutral reference value and external market data.

The IATA fair market value (FMV) is calculated with a proprietary algorithm relying on sophisticated statistical methods and hierarchical stages to utilize the available information. Every stage focuses on a certain level of information availability, reliability, recency and utilization of interoperability. The important takeaway is, that the IATA FMV is not just an average of historical prices.

The FMV can be used as starting point for any decision-making process along the supply-chain. Condition specific FMVs together with additional information such as average market prices, trends, repair cost information can be applied to repair-or-buy decisions, calculating sales prices, or the validation of quotes.

No. The FMV is calculated on a part number and condition level to work as the strategic and neutral valuation it was designed for. However, it is possible to deduct a serial specific valuation using the IATA FMV.

The data used in the FMV algorithm are generic part information, transaction data (purchase and sales orders), interoperability and modification information, MRO data (workshop orders and MRO catalogs), and external market data, e.g., fleet information and maintenance specifications.

For most data types, the main source are the MRO SmartHub customers. The platform follows a give-and-take principle meaning that a company that would like to access the Evaluator has to share data such as, e.g., part information, transaction data, MRO data. For further data types such as interoperability information, catalog data, fleet data, publicly available sources and external data providers are used.

To ensure data quality, each dataset is validated in a two-step process. The first step involves an automatic preliminary check using statistical methods to identify outliers and abnormal data points. This is followed by a manual review and verification of the data. A dataset is imported and used for visualization and FMV calculation only if it passes both checks successfully.

The MRO SmartHub database includes more than 10 million data points applicable for visualization and FMV calculation. Until now, more than 20 companies have contributed information to cover around 1 million part numbers for more than 50 aircraft and engine types.

Depending on the data type the usual update cycles range from monthly (e.g., transaction data, MRO data) to yearly (e.g., parts catalog information, fleet size forecasts).

Company Benchmark

The IATA company benchmark is a unique possibility to compare your companies supply-chain activities against the MRO SmartHub industry database. The results indicate whether you can outperform the market or not on different levels of detail.

The company benchmark provides results on different levels of detail: company-wide, division-based, per material domain, or on part number level. An individual benchmark study conducted by IATA includes further information on additional levels of detail.

MRO SmartHub Evaluator users have access to their company benchmark via the web-application. The data is continuously updated to always reflect the most recent situation.

IATA offers interested companies the possibility to receive an individual benchmark study free-of-charge. The only requirement to conduct the study is the contribution of data based on the specifications for MRO SmartHub Evaluator.