Whilst growing aircraft fleets had propelled the commercial airline maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector into steady growth over the prior decade, the COVID crisis has created a dramatic reversal in the past year. Despite significant reductions from prior forecasts, MRO aftermarket material spend for 2020 was around $26 billion. Within this sector, demand for USM (Used Serviceable Material) is set to grow at 68% per annum through 2022 when it is expected to reach $7.9 billion. With IATA’s MRO SmartHub, airlines and MRO service providers are expected to eliminate 10-15% of their material cost through an innovative web-based business intelligence platform.

New - Company benchmark feature

Optimizing material costs is the key driver for being successful in the MRO industry. With the new company benchmarking feature, users can identify and quantify their individual savings potentials using the unique industry reference database in the IATA MRO SmartHub. The platform offers a full top-down analysis from totals for complete companies to potentials on a tactical level for part numbers.

IATA’s MRO SmartHub is a neutral web-based platform enabling airlines, MRO service providers, OEMs, and appraisers to gain a greater transparency of the surplus aftermarket plus real-time access to fair market values (FMV) for aircraft parts.

Utilizing the real-time fair market value, procurement professionals eliminate the necessity to conduct extensive and sometimes costly market research initiatives.

Faced with increasing volatility in the aftermarket for spares, airlines and MRO service providers lack the optimum level of transparency to determine the best pricing and availability of required material. This lack of transparency will continue to create costly resource and supply chain inefficiencies for airlines and their MRO service providers.

MRO SmartHub offers industry-tuned capabilities allowing users to quickly and accurately value surplus part inventories for purchase. Combining all necessary procurement statistics with market availability and turnaround time, users can reduce operational resource requirements.

Evaluator feature

Quickly evaluate single parts or whole part lists with the Evaluator module. Get market statistics on every detail level.

Shed light on the material aftermarket with industry reference data

The heart of the IATA MRO SmartHub is its unique industry reference data base. Established under the neutral and secure umbrella of IATA, this database contains anonymized transaction histories from airlines, OEMs, MROs, and other airline suppliers.

By using this database, the IATA MRO SmartHub Evaluator can provide market insights and industry reference prices to their customers to support any decision-making process in their material supply-chain. It enables users to easily valuate material, packages, or whole inventories, as well as to benchmark themselves against the market, and to use a reliable and substantial market reference database in every process step.

  • Purchase price reference – Detailed orientation and baseline prices to enable on-time, on-budget procurement of new and available used parts
  • Repair price and turnaround – Accurate and reliable statistics to help you make the best decision for time and budget constraints
  • Sale price reference – Fair market value and market assessments unlocking undiscovered inventory value to enable you to price your own parts for sale accordingly
  • Recommendation of best course of action – Reduce your workload and inefficiencies with improved visual enhancers, the platform advises whether to purchase or repair aircraft parts, based on availability and pricing
  • Material package evaluation – Swiftly determine the fair market value, marketability, and best utilization method for extensive material inventories, parts lists, and fit-lists (e.g. tear-downs


Company benchmark

Company benchmark - The new benchmark feature enables companies to have access to achieved and potential savings immediately. Identify potentials down to part levels to optimize material costs. Individualize the benchmark by considering contractual obligations or setting own goals.

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Market statistics – Access market statistics on transaction volumes and price levels on various levels of details. Get a reliable, clear picture of current and historical market situations with data-driven analyses on real-world market data from various data contributors.

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Market statistics

Part search

Part search – Dive into a deeper analysis for specific parts by using the part search feature. Detailed performance indicators as well as transaction charts provide decision support for on-time, on-budget procurement of new and available used parts. Use repair event information to make informed choices when dealing with workshop orders.

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Material list valuation - Swiftly evaluate whole inventories with the material list feature. Fair market values, marketability, and best utilization method are automatically matched to each part and prepared to enable valuation at a glance.

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Material list valuation


Optimized inventory with seamless transactions

Through a dynamic interface either via the platform or utilizing an organization’s pre-existing tool(s), MRO SmartHub redefines transactional business simplifying and thus expediting a user’s ability to purchase or sale material with preferred partners.

MRO SmartHub creates a distinctive trading channel and culminates all necessary information with associated statists, removing supply chain and sourcing inefficiencies. Coupled with true availability and supplier metrics, users unlock new stock optimization abilities eliminating high safety stock necessities.

Connector feature

With effortless integration, you can connect to all your preferred partners and transact via the platform. Users benefit from seamless information exchange and enhanced trading opportunities of new and used aircraft parts.

  • Dedicated tunnel between two trading partners – Buyers can specify what they are seeking. The seller selects the parts to show each buyer, with quantities, prices and availability, providing transparent but confidential information
  • Easier interactions – Communication systematized and negotiation simplified
  • Easy access to Evaluator – To ensure you have convenient access to the Evaluator functionality without additional integration resources

Exchange feature

Exchanging parts lowers total costs

  • The economic impact of COVID-19 increased the demand for exchange transactions of spare parts. Scenario: The customer has a broken part and has to replace it. Instead of purchasing the part from the market, the customer can replace this part by doing an exchange. This exchange lowers the total cost of replacing the part and prevents filling the customer’s inventories.
  • Since most exchange parts are available on short notice, they can be used to fulfill urgent demands such as Aircraft On Ground (AOG).
  • With the increased interest in exchange transactions it became a priority to include this feature into the Connector module of the IATA MRO SmartHub. Together with some of IATA MRO SmartHub key customers, the development team specified and implemented this new feature in Q3 2020.

Effective and integrated exchange processes

  • The IATA MRO SmartHub exchange feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing processes and functionalities. Suppliers are now able to list parts for sale and/or exchange on the Connector. To specify a listing for exchange, a set of basic parameters must be specified: exchange fee, core value and core return time. In addition, a set of optional parameters about the exchange offer is available: mark up on repair costs, additional time and fee to return the core.
  • Purchasing a part using the exchange feature on the Connector is completely integrated into the existing processes for outright sales. No additional efforts are required to start using the exchange feature. All functionalities are available with a basic subscription to the IATA MRO SmartHub Connector.

Consignment feature

The IATA MRO SmartHub Consignment extension eases handling consignment projects with partners through a full-featured project cockpit. This cockpit is designed to make every process step more efficient and more transparent for both the consignor and the consignee. The Consignment extension is part of the Connector module and all processes and interfaces are completely integrated.

The Consignment extension can handle multiple projects simultaneously even if different consignees are involved. Everything within a project is kept private and secure between the consignor and his consignment partner. The consignor can create new consignment projects and is able to continuously update the content of the projects. The IATA MRO SmartHub keeps track of changes within consignment projects.

The first step is the pricing step. Consignor and consignee can mutually agree on expected pricing for the parts within the IATA MRO SmartHub using the project cockpit. The online chat function provides a dedicated communication stream for every consignment project. If the consignment partners agree on the pricing, the consigned parts can be made available on the IATA MRO SmartHub directly from the cockpit. If consigned parts are sold externally, the consignee can enter the transaction details into the respective forms in the cockpit. The consignor will then be able to see the completed transactions in their consignment cockpit.

The key benefits for consignor and consignee are:

  • Simplified communication
  • Effortless integration into existing processes
  • Full control and visibility of updates through online communication features and a real-time cockpit including statistics and analyses
  • Evaluator features can be integrated to support pricing decisions

With the effortless integration possibilities, IATA MRO SmartHub customers can integrate the Consignment extension into their existing IT systems and processes to easily manage the scope of their consignment projects. The mission of the IATA MRO SmartHub Consignment extension is to simplify interactions, support pricing and streamline communication!

Buyer overview

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Auction listing

Auction Listing (Click image to enlarge)

Auctioneer feature

A simple and user-friendly process enables auctioneers to create auctions on the IATA MRO SmartHub.  A large variety of available parameters allows auctioneers to set up auctions that exactly meet their requirements.

Complementary and paid marketing activities on various channels provided by IATA support auctioneers in reaching their target audience.

Interested bidders can create accounts for the IATA MRO SmartHub free-of-charge by simply registering online.

  • Create, manage, and place bids in multiple auctions
  • Multiple settings for auctions are available: package auctions or item-by-item auctions, free-for-all or pre-defined audience, blind auctions or transparent, forward auctions
  • Extensive statistics and analytics for the auctioneer and participants, such as bidding history, material domain and condition distribution
  • Direct and quick evaluation of complete packages and single parts using the IATA MRO SmartHub FMV after uploading parts
  • Optional daily updates on interactions and bids for your own auctions


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What Our Customers Say

“The MRO SmartHub is a global platform that is applicable to all. The market really needs this. By creating greater transparency, the MRO SmartHub will generate fair market value. It will rebalance the aviation value chain and help airlines save money.”

- Fabricio La Banca, Head of Group Purchasing Surplus, Lufthansa Technik AG

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COVID-19 brought the industry to a stop. In order to support the industry, IATA and Opremic analyzed the impact of the COVID crisis on market dynamics of Used Serviceable Materials (USM). This is the first analyses that has been created using real world historic transactional data contributed by multiple organizations.

Infographic: Impact of the COVID crisis on market dynamics (pdf)

Read full IATA and Opremic’s whitepaper: “Used Serviceable Materials (USM): Impact of the COVID crisis on market dynamics”

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