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Airline Services

IATA Settlement Systems (ISS) are the backbone of the global air transport industry. They enable the swift, reliable, and efficient movement of funds between airlines and their travel partners. In 2017, the ISS settled $433.3 billion.

In 2017, the unrecovered debt target was 0.023%, while the actual performance exceeded that target to reach 0.015%. IATA will still continue to strengthen systems with its transition to New Gen ISS.




Card Services

  • IATA Perseuss: Card fraud prevention - Early detection - Data exchange within user community
  • IATA FraudClear: Fraud Management Gateway - Integrated solutions - PNR access - Automated messages to void, suspend or cancel fraudulent bookings
  • IATA CardClear: Card sales centralization - Multi-currency submission - All card brands and transaction types
  • IATA CardStats: Consolidates airline’s worldwide BSP credit-card transactions into a single report giving quick, clear information on card sales

Other Solutions

  • iiNET is presently the most comprehensive, flexible and reliable worldwide electronic data exchange and data distribution service available to the industry

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