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New Distribution Capability

Together, Let's Build Airline Retailing

NDC (New Distribution Capability) will enable the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations: product differentiation and time-to-market, access to full and rich air content and finally, transparent shopping experience. ​​​​

About Info Leaderboard Standard Players Certification

At the IATA World Passenger Symposium in October 2017, IATA announced it was inviting airlines with strong aspirations to grow their NDC volumes rapidly, to join the NDC Leaderboard.

The benefits

IATA will provide support to the Leaderboard on related matters such as payment, architecture, schemas, workflows, etc. It will also provide greater support in the areas of engagement, adoption, technology and innovation.

IATA will also continue to support all its other members which choose to adopt NDC. These other airlines will also benefit indirectly from the Leaderboard. The push for critical mass will contribute to a rapid growth of the number of travel agents, corporate buyers and consumers using NDC.

IATA will share implementation roadmaps which will help speed up subsequent deployments. And finally, the push from the members of the NDC Leaderboard will help IT players to enhance their solutions and trigger innovation from new entrants– which will increase competition and speed to market for the followers.

Info pack

Learn more about the NDC Leaderboard (pdf).

How to join the Leaderboard

IATA welcomes additional member airlines with strong ambitions to contribute to an industry goal of having 20% of sales powered by an NDC API by 2020 to contact the NDC team directly through our contact form.


NDC Leaderboard Airlines

*Olympic Air will become effective on  01 January 2020

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