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Ground Operations


​​Ground handling is an integral part of airline operations. IATA strives to lead the industry towards improved safety and operational  efficiency in ground handling by setting standards, initiating and encouraging the implementation of global solutions.

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IATA Ground Handling Partnership (GHP)

​The IATA Ground Handling Partnership is an industry platform for non-IATA members to 

  • Make your company visible and create new business opportunities 
  • Forge a network of international contacts to exchange views and experience
  • Influence the future of the air transport industry by assisting  in the development and implementation  of industry standards and technical solutions by participation in various groups and programs related to Ground Operations

Who can Join ?​​

The GHP is open to non-IATA airlines, airports or other government authorities, ground handling companies who physically perform ground handling services directly as outlined in Annex A of the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement.

Join GHP 

​​​​​You can apply for GHP membership:

​​For more details, please contact us at ghp@iata.org​​​

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