The Multilateral e-AWB Agreement provides the legal framework for parties to conclude cargo contracts by electronic means. This way, airlines will have a single agreement with IATA, enabling them to accept e-AWB from all participating freight forwarders.

How to join?

To join the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement, follow the process below:

  1. Download the Airline Submission Form (doc)
  2. Enter the required information in the Airline Submission Form (under signatory details, leave the signature and date fields blank)
  3. Send the completed Airline Submission Form to
  4. IATA will send the form to signatory indicated for e-signature
  5. Once the signature is completed, IATA will register airline and airports, and publish the information online

If you have any questions, please see FAQ section or contact IATA Cargo at

How to update your information?

To update the list of airports and/or change your designated contact complete the Airline Submission Form (doc) and send it to IATA (same address as for joining).

Next steps

Doing AWB under the multilateral e-AWB agreement is a three-step process, after joining, airlines just need to activate and start e-AWB!


  • Check which freight forwarders have joined the agreement and select your partners to roll out e-AWB
  • Contact your freight forwarder partners to discuss where and when to start e-AWB
  • Ensure that both of you are operationally ready to start e-AWB (business processes, electronic communication, data quality, etc) at the agreed locations
  • Send the Activation Notice (doc) to your freight forwarder partners confirming locations and start dates
  • Start doing e-AWB at the activated locations
  • Roll out e-AWB at further locations and with more freight forwarder partners by repeating the steps above


  • You should start doing e-AWB at a location only after sending the Activation Notice to freight forwarder for that location
  • The multilateral e-AWB agreement comes into force between an airline and a freight forwarder at a location only upon airline sending an Activation Notice to freight forwarder (pursuant to Resolution 672, Attachment A, Article 3.1).

See the FAQ on the Activation Notice

Implementing e-AWB