Unit Load Devices (ULDs) are the air freight version of shipping containers. While their size is standard, the methods of ULD handling, storage and transport and not. As a result, ULDs are also the leading cause of aircraft damage on the ground.

To help reduce the $400M annual repair bill and knock-on effects of cancellations and delays, we’ve put together a set of handling regulations specifically for ULDs. The publication covers the technical and operational responsibilities and various airline requirements as well as design and manufacturing specifications.

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What’s inside the ULDR?

  • Applicability (definition, operator and other party responsibilities, training, security, weighing, health and safety)
  • Limitations (structure, contour, compatibility, restricted use, airworthiness rigid cargo, active container and non-certified limitations, serviceability check, repairs, state and operator variations)
  • Classification (principles, certified approval, TSO C90 certification, non-certified containers, accessories)
  • Identification; technical and operating specifications, marking
  • Documentation and messaging (operational, ownership, repair station, operating instructions in CMM, non-certified containers
  • Handling (airworthiness, storage, forklift requirements, transport, transfer and movement, build-up, breakdown, special purposes)
  • Technical recommendations (definitions, sizes, modular packaging, modular load unit construction, test recommendations, markings

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Stay up-to-date

The key changes to ULDR 2021 (9th) edition include:

  • Clarification on the use of TSO certified cargo straps
  • Updates on some aircraft contour drawings
  • Deletion of obsolete ULD Type Codes
  • Operational efficiency improvements
  • Clarification on bilateral agreements between CAAs
  • Addition of aircraft pallet components listed on ULD Operational Damage Limits Notice (ODLN)

ULD Training

You can learn more about ULD regulations and best practice in three ways.