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IATA Timatic is used by airlines and travel agents to verify passenger travel document requirements for their destination and any transit points. Airlines use various Timatic solutions to ensure their customers are compliant with border control rules and regulations. Timatic delivers personalized information based on the passenger's destination, transit points, nationality, travel document, residence country etc.

Latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations

The IATA Timatic team is in constant communication with governments and airlines around the world to ensure all travel documentation as well as health restriction checks requirements and rules are kept up-to-date in a real-time basis. Learn more

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TRAVELERS: See the latest travel restrictions map per country via the IATA TravelCentre.


Timatic is used by airlines and travel agents to verify passenger travel document requirements for their destination and any transit points. It not only verifies travel documents but it also checks health requirements and other key passenger requirements including:

  • Passport requirements and recommendations
  • Visa requirements and recommendations
  • Health requirements and recommendations
  • Airport Tax to be paid by the traveler at either departure or arrival airport
  • Customs Regulations relating to import/export of goods and small pets by a passenger
  • Currency Regulations relating to import and export by a passenger
  • Latest News on key regulation changes

The right solution to meet your needs

All of the Timatic products are powered by the same database which provides the latest and accurate passenger travel document rules and regulations for over 220 countries. All changes are validated and confirmed by local government officials before being updated in the system. Therefore, you can rest assured that the information provided is correct.

IATA continues to develop new solutions based on Timatic which are tailored to the needs of Airlines, Travel Agents, Ground handlers and other aviation related organizations. These include:

Sourcing Network

To enable airlines and other aviation partners to securely manage the passenger document verification process, ​Timatic solutions require 100% reliable information. To achieve this we partner with airlines, as well as developing closer bilateral relations with government agencies worldwide.

We would like to invite relevant government agencies to join our extensive sourcing network to ensure that passengers always travel with correct documents.

More Information​​

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