Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning (LIVE Virtual Classroom)

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About the course

4-day (25 hours) LIVE virtual classroom course

Contribute to your company’s success by learning how to develop a profitable network fleet plan and an effective flight schedule. In this 4-day course you will expand your planning and management skills and better understand the scheduling process, tactics and strategies that airlines should adopt in order to be more profitable. Learn how to make effective fleet choices, how to create a schedule that is aligned with the airlines’ strategy, and review passenger traffic demand, flight schedule data.

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Course Code: TALM-26-VC

Course format

  • The live sessions of this virtual classroom course are delivered by an official IATA Instructor.
  • The course will take you approximately 25 hours to complete and be held over 4 consecutive days.
  • There will be 6 live interactive virtual classroom sessions per day, each session will be 60-90 minutes, and individual study sessions .
  • The live sessions will require your participation, with multiple Q&A sessions and additional time spent on self-study material including projects, research, additional reading and videos.
  • Student performance will be based on an assessment.

Technical requirements

Please verify your hardware, software and network to support your upcoming course with IATA Training.


  • Recommended level is Entry-level and Intermediate.
  • The recommended level of language proficiency is ICAO Operational Level 4 for courses in English or the equivalent level for other languages.

How to register

To arrange in-house training for your company: Complete the in-house training request form or contact the salesperson in your region.

Virtual venues

We schedule our virtual classroom courses through one of 3 virtual venues, each in a different time zone for your convenience. For more information, please visit our page on virtual classroom timing or contact our Customer Portal.

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Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning (LIVE Virtual Classroom)

Virtual Session Asia (IATA)
12 - 15 July, 2022
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Please register by 28 Jun
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Class no: 149244
USD 1,125
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Virtual Classroom Training Information

2 daily LIVE sessions:
9:00-12:00 & 13:00-16:00 Beijing/Singapore
5:00-8:00 & 9:00-12:00 Dubai
1:00-4:00 & 5:00-8:00 UTC

2 additional classes are scheduled

Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning (LIVE Virtual Classroom)

Turkey, Istanbul (TKAA-RTP)
19 - 21 July, 2022
Please register by 28 Jun
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Class no: 156036
USD 1,225
USD 1,575
USD 1,750

This class is offered in cooperation with Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy. The regional price applies to residents of Turkey.

Register on TAA website

For information and to register, please contact:

Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy
Ataturk Airport; Gate B 34149 Yesilkoy
Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 (212) 463 63 63 - 12360 - 14257 - 13101

Benefit from the Early Bird discount of 20% if you register 3 months prior to the course start date or USD100 if you register 3 weeks prior to the course start date.


They requested 09:00 CET start time for all days

Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning (LIVE Virtual Classroom)

Virtual Session Americas (IATA)
5 - 8 December, 2022
Register before 04 Sep, 2022 to take advantage of the 20% Early Bird discount (only for payment by credit card or ICH)*. The price below includes this discount. *Terms apply
Please register by 21 Nov
All prices are before tax and include applicable discounts.
Class no: 162918
USD 980
USD 1,260
USD 1,400

What you will learn

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Know how company revenues and profitability depends on the network and fleet plan
  • Understand key market and route forecasting
  • Implement successful network and scheduling strategies and tactics
  • Review passenger traffic demand, flight schedule data and optimization tools
  • Make effective fleet choices and business strategies and tactics
  • Create a schedule aligned with the airlines’ strategy
  • Improve aircraft and fleet utilization

Course content

The key topics that are covered during this course include:

  • Network strategies and optimization
  • Processes involved in optimizing an actual route network
  • Airline economics and costs; supply and demand dynamics; passenger traffic demand and market estimation
  • Passenger traffic flow; point-to-point versus true origin-destination
  • Route and network determinants
  • Fleet planning and management; operational constraints in the planning process
  • Strategic and operational analysis related to fleet
  • Schedule design and planning

Who should attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Network, fleet and schedule planning staff
  • Airline relations managers at airports
  • Sales and marketing staff at aircraft manufacturers
  • Government policy makers and regulators

Certificate awarded

An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on an assessment. A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher.

This course is a step toward earning an IATA Diploma in:

Network Development and Management Diploma

This diploma provides the basis and practical know-how to effectively develop the skills required to achieve key commercial objectives.

  • English
  • Español

Airline Management Diploma

Gain the skills to anticipate, respond, and adapt to the demands of a changing industry.

  • English
  • Español

Revenue Management Diploma

Are you looking for a career in Revenue Management?

  • English
  • Español

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