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23 June 2020

Flying for survival – An insider tour of European aviation in times of Covid-19

Never has IATA´s mission to represent, lead and serve the air transport industry been more important. As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced governments to close off borders, reducing mobility and pinning aircraft to the ground, aviation has embarked on the greatest challenge in its history: survival. Our Association, founded in 1945 in Havana, Cuba, is concentrating all its efforts on ensuring aviation - the business of freedom - continues to deliver its benefits to economies and societies. In these desperate times of the Covid-19 crisis, our industry has facilitated the rapid and efficient transportation of medicines, first aid and goods. But air travel can do so much more, linking cultures, bringing families and friends together, and driving business and prosperity, which is imperiled by the present shut-down.

IATA, the trade association for the world’s airlines, represents some 290 members or 82% of global traffic. It does so by focusing on 3 things: advocacy and communications, standards-setting and adoption, and services and products. In addition to our Montreal HQ and Geneva Executive Office, IATA is organized into Regional Hubs in Amman, Beijing, Madrid, Miami and Singapore. Each Region contains a number of local offices serving our Members and helping to build a stronger air transport industry.  

Local Offices are managed by market experts who take on the crucial role of sharing with stakeholders IATA’s global expertise, knowledge, and data. Thanks to their pivotal role in the field, they can also provide our teams of subject matter experts with first-hand information, a vital condition for the global network to function. It is this global vision of the world’s most global industry that enables IATA to deliver value to our member airlines, and also to governments and regulators, agencies, civil aviation authorities, associations and organizations, airports, and air navigation service providers.

The Covid-19 crisis has hit our region (and the entire globe) very severely, and governments and populations have not responded homogeneously. Via a series of 15 individual interviews/stops, we have decided to obtain and share a comprehensive overview of our Region, which spans all the way from Reykjavik (or Papeete) to Vladivostok with a layover in Lisbon! What are our local markets experts doing to deliver on our mission to represent, lead and serve the industry, ensuring it survives, restarts, recovers and thrives once more in a future we hope near?

The Around European Aviation in 15 stops/interviews:

  • Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein), handled from our Frankfurt Local Office managed by Mathias Jakobi
  • Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia), handled from our Bucharest Local Office managed by Anca Apahidean, who also oversees:
    • Poland, handled from our Warsaw Local Office managed by Joanna Wolf
  • France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, handled from our Paris Local Office managed by Robert Chad
  • Israel, handled from our Tel Aviv Local Office managed by Kobi Zussman
  • Nordic & Baltic (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania), handled from our Stockholm Local Office managed by Catrin Mattson
  • Portugal, handled from our Madrid Regional Hub by Ligia da Fonseca
  • Russian Federation, handled from our Moscow Local Office managed by Dimitri Shamraev
  • Southern Europe (Italy, Malta, and overseeing our Athens and Zagreb offices), handled from our Rome Local Office managed by Dino Bossa, who also oversees:
  • Spain, handled from our Madrid Regional Hub by Angeles Pozo
  • Turkey, Central Asia, Azerbaijan, handled from our Istanbul and Nur-Sultan Local Offices both managed by Funda Calisir
  • Ukraine, Georgia, and Armenia, handled from our Kyiv Local Office managed by Alex Onatsky
  • United Kingdom and Ireland, handled from our London Local Office managed by Simon McNamara.


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