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Noise, emissions and waste management
Learn how to responsibly address environmental challenges and the need to mitigate its environmental impact

Our environment training is designed to help you to responsibly address environmental challenges such as noise, emissions and waste management, and understand the economic principles of emissions cap-and-trade policies and carbon offset programs that impact aviation.

Environmental Sustainability

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Fuel Efficiency and Conservation (classroom)

Want to save 3% to 5% on your fuel bill? Perform a fuel efficiency audit of your own organization and undertake a structured implementation and cultural change program.

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IEnvA Assessor Training (LIVE virtual classroom)

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Implementing Voluntary Passenger Carbon Offset Programs (classroom)

Understand how to successfully implement and run a passenger offset program, to improve passenger acceptance, and to increase uptake rates by applying best practices for carbon offsetting.

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Managing Green Airports (classroom)

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of airport environmental matters, as well as environmental management systems, community engagement and decision making.

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Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Requirements Under CORSIA (classroom)

An excellent overview of fuel monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) requirements under CORSIA

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Sustainability Communication Strategies (classroom)

Learn about the different stages of building a successful sustainability communications strategy for passengers, co-workers or other stakeholders of an airline.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) - building a long-term sustainable aviation industry (classroom)

Learn the fundamentals of carbon markets and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and their essential roles in the future of aviation.

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Waste Management in Aviation (classroom)

Examine how to manage cabin waste effectively and efficiently and review the cabin waste framework