Airline Quality Management Diploma

About the diploma

Learn how to design and implement a Quality Management System that includes a document control system and internal audit processes.

Diploma code: DIPL-12

What you will learn

  • Implement and operate a successfully tailored quality management system
  • Initiate and implementation and control to ensure consistency
  • Design and implement a robust Controlled Documentation System in support of QMS
  • Implement and control a comprehensive internal audit program

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Who should attend

  • Executive and senior managers
  • Quality managers
  • Internal auditors


Candidates must complete 2 Required courses and 2 Elective courses within three years.

A passing mark of 70% is required on all assignments and exams. A special distinction is awarded to candidates who obtain a distinction in all, or all but one, of all course exams and assignments that make up this Diploma.

How to obtain your diploma

  1. Complete all 2 Required and 2 selected Elective courses that make up the Diploma, within 3 years.
  2. Please contact us on our Customer Portal to request your diploma, stating the title of the diploma you are applying for and the list of courses you completed for that diploma.
  3. IATA Training will issue your diploma upon verification of your eligibility.

To receive the diploma candidates must complete

  • 2 Required courses
  • 2 Elective courses

Required courses

Aviation Internal Auditor (classroom)

This course prepares you to conduct consistent audits and drive continuous improvement within your organization.

Quality Management (QMS) for Airlines (classroom)

This course provides an introduction to QMS components and objectives that you can establish within your operations.

  • English

Elective courses

Aviation Lead Auditor (classroom)

Gain the essential knowledge required to become a lead auditor by further developing your practical audit management and team leadership skills.

  • English

Document Control Systems (classroom)

This hands-on course gives you a test environment to build your own document control procedures, including: process mapping, referencing and amendments.

  • English

IOSA Airline Auditor – Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT) Discipline (classroom)

Focusing on the IOSA discipline - Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT), which ensures you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform internal audits using the IOSA MNT checklist.

  • English

IOSA Airline Auditor – Flight Operations (FLT) Discipline (classroom)

Learn how to use the IOSA auditor actions and interpret IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs)

  • English

IOSA Airline Auditor – Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP) Discipline (classroom)

Focussing on the IOSA discipline - Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP), you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform internal audits using the IOSA DSP checklist.

  • English

IOSA Airline Auditor Training (classroom)

Meet the requirements of the IOSA Standard and Recommended Practice (ISARP) ORG 3.4.13

  • English

Root Cause Analysis (classroom)

This course provides instruction on problem solving and corrective action plan processes you can immediately apply within your organization to start making improvements to your operational performance.

  • English

SGHA-SLA and Effective Negotiation Behaviors (classroom)

Learn how to use the latest version of the SGHA to its fullest as a commercial agreement and services description document.

  • English

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