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Aviation Environment and Fuel Training Courses

Aviation Environment training courses

Reconcile the demand for air transport and the need to mitigate its environmental impact.

Our environment training is designed to help you:

Responsibly address environmental challenges such as noise, emissions and waste management.

Understand the economic principles of emissions cap-and-trade policies and carbon offset programs that impact aviation.

Aviation and the Environment - Managing Green Airports (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Aviation and the Environment - University of Geneva (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Aviation and the Environment (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Aviation Fuel Management (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Biojet Fuel Workshop (Classroom, 2 days) - Classroom - English
Carbon Trading for Aviation (Classroom, 2 days) - Classroom - English
Climate Change and Aviation (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Efficacité de la Gestion et de la Conservation du Carburant (en salle de cours, 3 jours) - Classroom - Français
El manejo de combustible de jets/aeronaves (presencial, 3 días) - Classroom - Español
Fuel Efficiency and Conservation (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Sustainable Aviation - Improving Environmental Performance (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English


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