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Air Cargo Business Development Diploma

This virtual diploma gives in-depth exploration of the fundamentals and foundation of air cargo business management strategy, skills and development tools, and will equip you with critical competencies to succeed in an ever-changing global air cargo business environment.

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Air Cargo Business Processes, Electronic Messaging and Pre-Load Data Filing (classroom)

Using the IATA Cargo-XML manual and toolkit, learn how to implement Cargo-XML within your organization and how to convert between Cargo-XML and Cargo-IMP.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Business Strategy and Planning (LIVE virtual classroom)

Find new managerial perspectives and create strategic pillars, develop encouraging business strategies and materialize plans with accuracy, while working towards a common stakeholder strategic goal.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Competitor Analysis and Market Research (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn about the factors that impact performance in the industry, how to make effective decision through the interpretation of market research and analysis, and how to help your company improve its market share

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Air Cargo Customer Service (LIVE virtual classroom)

Help your business to develop its customer service program to the highest level

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Air Cargo Diploma (self-study)

This diploma will give you a well-rounded introduction to today’s complex air cargo industry, helping you get a head start in your career at an airline, freight forwarder or ground handling company. You will learn about the key stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain, how they operate, and the skill sets you need to stand out as a desirable candidate.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Fundamentals (LIVE virtual classroom)

Acquire basic understanding of the terms, equipment, documents and procedures used in the global air cargo industry

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Air Cargo Law and Convention (classroom)

Improve your knowledge of international air cargo law conventions and recommended practices to better serve your organization and clients.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Law and Convention (LIVE virtual classroom)

Examine the impact of air cargo law developments on the airline business and understand the different approaches and solutions to the complex air cargo law issues.

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Air Cargo Management (classroom)

Review the cargo system with an international perspective, focusing on the business, operations and regulatory fundamentals.

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Air Cargo Management Diploma

Understand the complex and changing issues required to maximize all aspects of the cargo business.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Marketing and Product Strategy (LIVE virtual classroom)

The air cargo marketing and product management is a unique virtual course that will provide you a wide range of tools and techniques to develop a strategic marketing plan in a competitive air cargo industry

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Revenue Optimization (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn the fundamental air cargo revenue management procedures and optimization skills.

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Route Profitability (LIVE virtual classroom)

Make rapid decisions on whether to alter, supplement or exclude routes from your air cargo network or schedule for profitability

VirtualClassroom.svg Virtual classroom

Air Cargo Rules and Rates (LIVE virtual classroom)

Acquire basic understanding of the structure of the different TACT publications, the main principles of air cargo rules and rates, the application of them in the calculation of charges and their representation on the Air Waybill.