Safety Management for Airlines Diploma

To receive the diploma candidates must complete

  • 2 Required courses
  • 2 Elective courses


Gain a complete and updated knowledge on the current safety management issues and best practices.

Diploma code: DIPL-31

What you will learn

Obtaining this diploma will equip you to:

  • Develop and implement safety management principles
  • Ensure continuous safety improvements within your organization
  • Increase productivity and reduce operational risks within your organization

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Who should attend

  • Experienced managers from airlines, airports, ANS providers, insurance and legal professions, manufacturers and maintenance
  • Representatives from Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Supervisors
  • Members of Aviation Boards of Directors

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Mohammed Eturki, National Air Services (NAS)
"The SMS for Airlines course is one of the best I have taken during my 25+ years in the industry. Working for an organization that supports and promotes global safety, I am certain IATA’s safety training contributes to reducing industry accidents and hazards."


Candidates must complete 2 Required courses and 2 Elective courses within three years.

A passing mark of 70% is required on all assignments and exams. A special distinction is awarded to candidates who obtain a distinction in all, or all but one, of all course exams and assignments that make up this Diploma.

How to obtain your diploma

  1. Complete all 2 Required and 2 selected Elective courses that make up the Diploma, within 3 years.
  2. Please contact us on our Customer Portal to request your diploma, stating the title of the diploma you are applying for and the list of courses you completed for that diploma.
  3. IATA Training will issue your diploma upon verification of your eligibility.

Required courses

Elective courses

Root Cause Analysis (LIVE virtual classroom)

This course provides instruction on problem solving and corrective action plan processes you can immediately apply within your organization to start making improvements to your operational performance.

  • English
  • Course

Safety Management Systems (SMS) - Train the Trainer (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn how to train to improve performance, introduce safer operations, and reduce costs in your airline while ensuring compliance with ICAO SMS requirements.

  • English
  • Course

Safety Performance Indicators (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn the foundations of Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs), and how to practically develop them, integration of safety objectives, SPIs and safety performance targets .

  • English
  • Course

Safety Risk Management (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn how to improve your operational safety by correctly identifying hazards, providing effective controls to mitigate safety risks, and reducing equipment loss and damage.

  • English
  • Course

Aircraft Airworthiness and Air Carrier Certification (Classroom, 5 days)

Gain the knowledge and skills to manage aircraft certification and continuing airworthiness as per the current ICAO Annexes, regulations and requirements (FAA, JAA, EASA).

  • English
  • Course

Airline Safety Investigation (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn how to participate in an aircraft accident and serious incident investigation in accordance with ICAO Annex 13 Standards

  • English
  • Course

Airside Safety Management & Compliance (Classroom, 3 days)

This course will demonstrate how to align with the latest regulations and best practices, providing detailed explanations on the role of airside safety in the Safety Management System (SMS).

  • English
  • Course

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Implementation (LIVE virtual classroom)

Strategies to optimize your use of staff, equipment and procedures to prevent error at each phase of flight.

  • English
  • Course

Crew Resources Management for Instructors (CRMI) (LIVE virtual classroom)

This CRM train-the-trainer course lets you practice teaching techniques that will make your crew resource management (CRM) training effective and motivating for your students

  • English
  • Course

Emergency Planning and Response for Airlines (Classroom)

Learn about the design, implementation and optimization of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) according to industry practice and regulatory requirements.

  • English
  • Course

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