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Air Cargo Revenue Optimization (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn the fundamental air cargo revenue management procedures and optimization skills.

  • English

Air Cargo Route Profitability (LIVE virtual classroom)

Make rapid decisions on whether to alter, supplement or exclude routes from your air cargo network or schedule for profitability

  • English

Air Cargo Rules and Rates (LIVE virtual classroom)

Acquire basic understanding of the structure of the different TACT publications, the main principles of air cargo rules and rates, the application of them in the calculation of charges and their representation on the Air Waybill.

  • English

Air Cargo Sales (LIVE virtual classroom)

Develop a strategic sales plan in a competitive air cargo industry and learn how to benchmark a company’s sales plan

  • English

Air Cargo Security (classroom)

Threat assessment and planning techniques to help your business comply with recent changes to air cargo security regulations.

Air Navigation Services Management Diploma

Be equipped to manage the challenging ANSP environment and learn how to run a business enterprise.

  • English
  • Español
  • Français

Air Traffic Services Management Diploma

Learn how to be a leader in air traffic services management.

  • English
  • Español

Air Transport Economics - University of Geneva (classroom)

Benefit from IATA's unique vantage point in air transport economics. Examine key issues and concepts including how regulatory and state policies affect the aviation value chain and airline profitability.

  • English

Air Transport Economics (classroom)

Leveraging IATA know-how look deeper into economic and policy developments affecting the global air transport industry. Examine Financial Forecasts, Industry Outlooks, profitability, regulations.

  • English

Air Transport Fundamentals (partner-taught or self-study)

Study how the air transportation system relates to airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and air navigation services.

  • English

Air Transport Fundamentals for the Leadership & Management Training Program (partner-taught or self-study)

Study how the air transportation system relates to airlines, airports, Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Services.

  • English

Air Transport Statistics (classroom)

Learn about the Air Transport Statistics programs run by IATA and ICAO including current standards, concepts and methodologies for the compilation of traffic statistics.

Air Transportation Management (classroom)

Gain a comprehensive overview of the air transportation industry plus management and presentation skills to boost your career.

Aircraft Acquisition and Financing (classroom)

Financial and legal fundamentals to help you choose, draft, and negotiate an aircraft acquisition agreement.

Aircraft Airworthiness and Air Carrier Certification (classroom)

Gain the knowledge and skills to manage aircraft certification and continuing airworthiness as per the current ICAO Annexes, regulations and requirements (FAA, JAA, EASA).

  • English

Aircraft De-icing Operations Management (classroom)

Understand aircraft de-icing standards and procedures as required by regulators, airlines, de-icing service providers and airport authorities.

  • English

Aircraft Decommissioning: Regulations, Economics and Sustainability (classroom)

Business processes, operational experiences and best practices to optimize the residual value from aircraft decommissioning

  • English

Aircraft Marshalling and Ramp Hand Signals with RampVR (classroom)

Study IATA Standard marshalling and hand signals for safe and efficient ramp communications with RampVR™.

  • English

Aircraft Marshalling and Ramp Hand Signals (e-learning)

Learn the fixed wing aircraft marshalling and ramp hand signals based on the IATA Standards in the AHM and IATA IGOM

  • English

Aircraft Recovery (classroom)

Identify potential issues in aircraft recovery when removing immobilized or disabled aircraft in a timely manner.

  • English

Aircraft Turnaround Coordination and Loading Supervision with RampVR (classroom)

Lead your ramp team in the consistent servicing and turnaround of multiple aircraft types.

  • English

Aircraft Turnaround Coordination and Loading Supervision (classroom)

Learn the essential technical procedures for aircraft handling and loading to optimize the use of ground service equipment and manpower.

  • English

Aircraft Weight & Balance Refresher (classroom)

Refresh your formal knowledge on theories and principles of weight and balance as per the standard IATA Design Manual and Automated Load Sheet.

  • English

Aircraft Weight and Balance (classroom)

Principles of weight and balance as per the standard IATA Design Manual and Automated Load Sheet.This course prepares you for the Load Controller certification.

  • English