Focusing on ICAO SARPs
Learn the best practices for civil aviation oversight and regulation

Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) are responsible for the oversight and regulation of civil aviation with a focus on aviation safety, security, airspace policy, economic regulation, efficiency, sustainability, consumer protection and respect for the environment.

This comprehensive training portfolio extends from general introductory aviation courses to specialized courses for senior civil aviation management, created to assist states in transforming civil aviation in line with ICAO provisions.

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Data Protection – Key Principles and International Framework (classroom)

Identify solutions to keep your clients happy, their data safe and avoid sanctions

Environmental Management Systems (classroom)

Learn how to design and develop an aviation-specific management system that drives environmental performance

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Fatigue Management Fundamentals (e-learning)

Gain a clear understanding that fatigue cannot be eliminated, so it must be managed.

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Flying During a Pandemic – Cabin Crew Awareness (e-learning)

Explore cabin crew duties and responsibilities during a public health emergency

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Foundations of CNS/ATM (classroom)

Gain an overview of ICAO CNS/ATM technologies and infrastructure to support the transition to a performance-based air navigation system.

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Fundamentals of the Air Transport System - Carleton University (LIVE virtual classroom)

The Fundamentals of the Air Transport System - Carleton University course provides a roadmap to the understanding of the air transport industry.

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General Air Cargo Sustainability Awareness: A Masterclass (LIVE virtual classroom)

A Masterclass providing you with a high-level overview of what sustainability means and how aviation can address it from an environmental, economic and social perspective with a special focus on air cargo.

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General Aviation Sustainability Awareness: A Masterclass (LIVE virtual classroom)

A Masterclass providing you with a high-level update on different aspects of sustainability in aviation.

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Implementing Voluntary Passenger Carbon Offset Programs (classroom)

Understand how to successfully implement and run a passenger offset program, to improve passenger acceptance, and to increase uptake rates by applying best practices for carbon offsetting.

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Integrated Aviation Management System - IAMS (classroom)

Learn how to use a system of systems approach to aviation safety, quality, risk and business management.

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Integrated Management & Organization - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Learn about management and organization models and systems and learn how to apply theory with practical case studies and workshops.

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International Air Law Diploma

A comprehensive overview of the legal regimes applicable to all aspects of the aviation industry.

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International Negotiation Skills - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Useful models, perspectives, tools and applicable competencies to prepare, conduct and lead successful, intercultural negotiations in the aviation industry with sustainable results.

  • English

Leadership Development - University of St. Gallen (classroom)

Learn how to answer key questions related to strategic management by applying core elements of the St. Gallen Management Model and the latest research of leadership competencies

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Management of Aviation Facilitation (classroom)

Review the hot topics of airport access control, harmonized regulations and perimeter security with the aim of providing a seamless end-to-end passenger experience.

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Management of Aviation Quality and Service (classroom)

Learn how to manage aviation quality with a process-driven approach. Increase customer satisfaction and safety by following industry best practices.

Managing Accident Prevention and Investigation (classroom)

Learn aviation incident and accident investigation requirements, techniques and working practices. Acquire a structured approach to managing safety to prevent incidents and accidents.

Managing Aviation Policy and Regulation (classroom)

Obtain the necessary skills to manage civil aviation policy and regulation.

Managing People Performance (classroom)

Gain the knowledge needed to bring out the best in the people you manage

Mitigating Airspace and Airport Incursions by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (LIVE virtual classroom)

B ecome proficient in global best practices for responding to, and handling, unauthorized or reckless use of unmanned aircraft (UA) / drones in close vicinity of aircraft and airports.

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Operational Risk Management (ORM) for CAAs and ANSPs (classroom)

Apply the latest in risk management to everyday aviation operations across the organization at every level of the decision-making process.

Operational Risk Mitigation for Drone Operators (LIVE virtual classroom)

E xplore ways to carry out risk assessments related to your drone operation and learn how to fulfil regulatory requirements related to safety concerns .

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Overview of the Air Transportation System (e-learning)

An overview of the air transportation system, illustrating the interdependence among its components: airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and air navigation services

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Passenger Data Exchange Programs (API/PNR) (classroom)

Working from the API-PNR Toolkit, the practical exercises in this course will help you understand the steps to building a data program in alignment with international standards.

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