Aviation Mangement and Leadership training courses

Our training in management and leadership focuses on the “human” side of business. We offer programs to help business leaders acquire training tools and best practices so that they can develop highly skilled and motivated employees and enhance organizational performance.

From strategy planning and implementation, to project and operations management, our courses can help you and your company improve efficiency.

Our training will help you to:

  • Articulate a solid business strategy and strengthen your overall communication skills
  • Become effective in running critical projects and efficient in running ongoing operations
  • Strengthen your leadership and people management skills
  • Manage training needs and enhance your instructional techniques​

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Airline Customer Service Fundamentals (e-learning)

Upskill and learn new skills to deliver on business objectives to meet the increased expectations of airline customers

  • English

Airline Sales Maximization Diploma

Achieve commercial objectives and stay competitive. Learn to gain market share, increase product awareness, and sustain growth.

  • English

Aviation Fundamentals Diploma

This self-study diploma will provide new graduates looking to join the air transport industry or professionals looking to move into the industry, with a solid understanding of the industry. Learn about the history of aviation, its different components and interdependencies among: airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and air navigation services that needs to work in harmony in order to ensure safety and efficiency. You will also discover proficient and effective ways of increasing sales and revenue with the right marketing strategy.

  • English
  • 中文

Aviation Law for Route Network Development (classroom)

Demonstrate sound skills in applying aviation law in the context of route development and opening of new destinations

Aviation Law Fundamentals (e-learning)

An overview on aviation law exploring the nine freedoms of air, Warsaw System and Chicago Convention

  • English

Aviation Leadership Development Program in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing (classroom)

This program is based on Harvard Business Publishing's Leadership Direct framework and is a real-time, cohort-based virtual learning workshop.

  • English

Aviation Strategy Execution Program in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing (classroom)

The program encourages peer interaction and critical thinking through a blended curriculum that mixes content, live and virtual events, and collaboration on real-world business issues.

  • English

Better Aviation in Challenging Times - Crisis Management Tools (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn crisis management to support you in taking sound business decisions, limit damage, instill resilience, and restore confidence in your people and clients

  • English

Building Resilient Aviation Professionals (LIVE virtual classroom)

The techniques and practice of mindfulness taught in this course will provide you with the tools to enable you to be resilient and sharpen your focus on the important things

  • English

Building Teamwork and Stakeholder Management (classroom)

Be collaborative and cooperative within your team, solving problems and conflicts efficiently, building trust, and planning strategies.

  • English

Cabin Crew – Leveraging Professional Skills (e-learning)

Cabin Crew - find out which tools and techniques you need to enter the job market, how to gain confidence and achieve your goals

  • English

Change Management (classroom)

Learn how to effectively lead and manage important organizational changes through proven methodology and experiential exercises.

  • English

Change Management with Interactive Simulation (LIVE virtual classroom)

Using a change management simulation, learn through serious play how to effectively lead and manage important organizational changes through proven methodology and experiential exercises.

  • English

CORSIA - Technical Aviation Knowledge for Verifiers (classroom)

Learn the aviation-specific knowledge that you will need to become an accredited verifier for ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

  • English

CORSIA Fundamentals (e-learning)

Learn more about the different industry initiatives to tackle climate change and how CORSIA fits in with these initiatives

  • English

Customer Service: An Aviation Perspective (classroom)

Develop an understanding of customer service; key skills to create lasting and satisfying relationships and how to deal with customer conflict resolution from an aviation perspective

  • English

Design a Sustainability Strategy - Fundamentals (classroom)

Implement measures to achieve short, medium and long-term benefits from a social and environmental perspective while being conscious of financial sustainability.

  • English

Digitalization – Reshaping the Corporate Learning Landscape (classroom)

Analyze the evolution of digital technologies and discuss how the adoption of a digital way of learning impacts organizational culture

  • English

Effective Communication Skills (classroom)

Improve your communication and presentation skills in a multicultural environment.

Enterprise Risk Management for Aviation (classroom)

Learn about the IATA IRM methodology and obtain the tools to implement a risk management process within your organization – from corporate risks to operational-related risks.

  • English

Environmental Management System - Advanced (classroom)

Learn how to develop risk mitigation plans and design compliance strategies.

  • English

Executive Aviation Policy – Emerge Stronger Together: A Masterclass (LIVE virtual classroom)

Industry leaders will guide you in how you can determine and interpret future policy goals to support reshaping the industry

  • English

Foundations in Leadership Program in collaboration with Harvard Business School Publishing (classroom)

Develop a leadership mind-set and gain a management skillset with this 16-week collaborative blended-learning program.

General Aviation Management Diploma

Develop and implement efficient operational solutions, while simultaneously ensuring the strategic renewal of your organization.

  • English
  • Español
  • Français