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Keep up-to-date and explore the regulatory landscape with the help of our industry experts.

​International air transportation is governed by a complex and fragmented system of global regulatory agencies. Aviation law has always been a challenging field involving international borders, multiple jurisdictions, and conflicting requirements. 

Our Law and Regulations training leverages IATA’s extensive international presence to facilitate the cross-border provision of air services in a safe, secure, and economical manner. Our courses provide regulators and legal staff with a global perspective to manage the regulatory process.

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ACC3 Aviation Security Independent Validator (classroom)

Get the required training foreseen in EU regulation 1998/2015 and position yourself to become an accredited EU Aviation Security Validator by an EU member state.

  • English

Air Cargo Law and Convention (classroom)

Improve your knowledge of international air cargo law conventions and recommended practices to better serve your organization and clients.

  • English

Aircraft Acquisition and Financing (classroom)

Financial and legal fundamentals to help you choose, draft, and negotiate an aircraft acquisition agreement.

Aircraft Airworthiness and Air Carrier Certification (classroom)

Gain the knowledge and skills to manage aircraft certification and continuing airworthiness as per the current ICAO Annexes, regulations and requirements (FAA, JAA, EASA).

  • English

Airline Competition Law (e-learning)

Provides an overview of the core principles of antitrust/competition rules applicable to the airline industry

  • English

Airline Contract Law (classroom)

Learn the basic drafting principles and agreements for aircraft sales and purchases, interlining, maintenance and catering, ground handling and more.

Airport Certification and Infrastructure Standards (classroom)

Review aerodrome operator obligations based on ICAO Annex 14 in order to assess your facility’s level of compliance. Learn how to recommend structural changes and improve day-to-day operations.

Aviation Law and Regulations (classroom)

An overview of all relevant aspects of aviation law and regulation required in the airline industry and its partners/counterparts

  • English

Aviation Law for Managers (non-lawyers) (classroom)

Acquire a general understanding of aviation law relevant to air navigation services, airlines, civil aviation authorities and airports.

Aviation Law for Route Network Development (classroom)

Demonstrate sound skills in applying aviation law in the context of route development and opening of new destinations

Aviation Law Fundamentals (e-learning)

An overview on aviation law exploring the nine freedoms of air, Warsaw System and Chicago Convention

  • English

Aviation Policy and Advocacy (classroom)

Learn how to use advocacy to shape current aviation policy and positively influence your organization’s business objectives.

  • English

Aviation Policy and Regulations Diploma

An overview of the regulatory and legal regimes, as well as the international industry affairs applicable to all aspects of the aviation industry.

  • English
  • Español

CAA Compliance with ICAO SARPS* (classroom)

Learn how to develop a state aviation legal and regulatory reform project management plan, for civil aviation authorities.

  • English

Carbon Markets and Aviation (classroom)

A brief history of airlines’ and IATA’s action to address climate, as well as the evolution of CORSIA (Carbon Offset and Reductions Scheme for International Aviation) at ICAO.

  • English

Cargo Claims and Complaint Handling (classroom)

This course will provide you with the knowledge of the current crucial legal aspects of carriage of cargo by air for all industry stakeholders who are concerned with effective cargo claims handling and loss prevention.

  • English

Civil Aviation Management Diploma

Strengthen your management skills and strategies to use in your civil aviation authority.

  • English
  • Español
  • Français

Contractual Obligations during COVID-19 (classroom)

Analyze contracts and decide on when and how to legally exit an existing agreement, what obligations to fulfil and to apply force majeure clauses

  • English

CORSIA - Technical Aviation Knowledge for Verifiers (classroom)

Learn the aviation-specific knowledge that you will need to become an accredited verifier for ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

  • English

Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Auditors and Inspectors (classroom)

Learn how to perform regulatory oversight for the air transportation of dangerous goods using the IATA DGR and ICAO Technical Instructions.

  • English

Data Protection – Key Principles and International Framework (classroom)

Identify solutions to keep your clients happy, their data safe and avoid sanctions

Environmental Sustainability Champion Diploma

A blend of courses to help you to start on your road to environmental sustainability and gain a full understanding of the challenges that aviation is facing, ranging from carbon emissions, human and wildlife trafficking, including the public perception of aviation and greenwashing.

  • English

Environmental Sustainability Expert Diploma

Build on your environmental and sustainability knowledge with this in-depth aviation-focused diploma. Three mandatory courses have been developed especially to take your expertise to the next level.

  • English

Environmental Sustainability Practitioner Diploma

You will learn through a hands-on course how to design a sustainability strategy, explore more about environmental management systems and gain a good understanding of how carbon markets work, all of which are key elements in reducing a company’s environmental impact.

  • English