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SIS for Airlines & Intermodal

Joining Simplified Invoicing and Settlement (SIS) instantly connects you with more than 420 airlines and intermodal entities exchanging interline billing data electronically. SIS eliminates the paper from the interline billing and settlement processes increasing efficiency and reducing costs; it enables processing automation which helps reduce billing duplication and simplifies reconciliation.

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Who can join SIS for interlining?

All airlines (IATA and Non IATA Members) and their intermodal partners are eligible to become SIS participants under the "SIS for Airlines & Intermodal" program. This membership covers all 4 submission classes: Passenger, Cargo, UATP and Miscellaneous/Non-Transportation. The participation fees incurred under this model are variable, based on budgetary expectations of operating cost, and vary according to the size and status of the participant (larger, smaller, etc.; IATA, non-IATA, etc.). This is the core agreement for SIS Participation and includes governance rights such as the ability to vote for changes to the standard industry agreement terms, or to vote for changes to functionality at the SIS General Meeting.

A sample of the "Standard Agreement for SIS Participation" (zip) is available for information purposes only, not for signature.  The costs of using SIS under this program are outlined in Attachment A (pdf) of the agreement. 

Please refer to the user guide (pdf) on how to access the forms and submit an application using the IATA Customer Portal.

Documents required for joining

  • Joining checklist (pdf)
  • Online application form submitted via the IATA Customer Portal
  • Standard Agreement for SIS Participation signed by a Company authorized representative
  • Corporate Documents
    • Company Registration/Articles of Incorporation
    • Ownership structure including passport copies of all owners/shareholders
  • Bank Details (Optional) (pdf)

If you plan to submit billings to SIS via IS-IDEC or IS-XML files (pdf), prior testing and certification will have to be done. Guidance for testing and minimum requirements for certification are provided in the "Sign up and certification guide " (pdf).

To see which of your business partners are already using SIS, please download the SIS member list (xls).

Connect to ICH for Settlement

The IATA Clearing House (ICH) provides settlement services for the air transport industry. It enables the world's airlines and industry suppliers to settle their Passenger, Cargo, Miscellaneous/Non-Transportation and UATP billings by ap​plying the principles of off-set and netting. The ICH also offers protection in the event of a payment default and/or bankruptcy.

For more information, please visit How to join ICH 

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