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Focusing on safety management, workplace safety, and best practice for civil aviation.

Safety is IATA’s top priority. Our training portfolio includes safety courses dedicated to airlines as well as diploma programs focused on safety management, workplace safety, and best practice for civil aviation. IATA has proactively transformed its safety training to leverage the power and flexibility of the digital age.

We are committed to promoting safer and more productive work environments across the industry, transferring this knowledge through our certified experts. No matter what your level, we design our training to help you stay current with compliance requirements, cultivate your technical, operational and executive management skills.

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Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Diploma

Through four courses, review IRM skills and theory to manage the multiple risks that affect aviation organizations and the industry.

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IOSA Airline Auditor - GRH, CGO and SEC Disciplines (LIVE virtual classroom)

IOSA disciplines of Ground Handling Operations (GRH), Cargo Operations (CGO) and Security Management (SEC)

  • English

IOSA Airline Auditor – Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT) Discipline (classroom)

Focusing on the IOSA discipline - Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT), which ensures you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform internal audits using the IOSA MNT checklist.

  • English

IOSA Remote Oversight Procedures & Best Practices (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn about the tools, processes and best practices you will need to conduct an effective virtual or blended “hybrid oversight”.

  • English

Managing Accident Prevention and Investigation (classroom)

Learn aviation incident and accident investigation requirements, techniques and working practices. Acquire a structured approach to managing safety to prevent incidents and accidents.

Mitigating Airspace and Airport Incursions by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (LIVE virtual classroom)

B ecome proficient in global best practices for responding to, and handling, unauthorized or reckless use of unmanned aircraft (UA) / drones in close vicinity of aircraft and airports.

  • English

Operational Risk Management (ORM) for CAAs and ANSPs (classroom)

Apply the latest in risk management to everyday aviation operations across the organization at every level of the decision-making process.

Operational Risk Mitigation for Drone Operators (LIVE virtual classroom)

E xplore ways to carry out risk assessments related to your drone operation and learn how to fulfil regulatory requirements related to safety concerns .

  • English

Passenger Agent Essentials Bundle (Digital Edition)

The combination of topics offered in these courses provides a detailed introduction to the role of passenger services agent with a focus on procedures and customer service.

  • English

Ramp Handling Essentials Bundle (Digital Edition)

The combination of topics offers a 360 degree knowledge of airside activities with a focus on Safety, Emergency response, Marshalling and Aircraft Turnaround operations.

  • English

Risk Management Implementation (classroom)

This course is an intensive hands-on course which will enable you to confidently identify and manage risks at the organization, department or station level.

  • English

Root Cause Analysis (classroom)

This course provides instruction on problem solving and corrective action plan processes you can immediately apply within your organization to start making improvements to your operational performance.

  • English

Safety (SMS) and Quality Management (QMS) Processes in Civil Aviation (classroom)

Learn how to build a management system that integrates safety, quality and risk processes for all aviation operations.

Safety Management for Airlines Diploma

Gain a complete and updated knowledge on the current safety management issues and best practices.

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  • Español

Safety Management in Civil Aviation Diploma

Use Safety Management Systems to improve safety and create business and operational efficiency.

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Safety Management System (SMS) for Cabin Operations (classroom)

Following the Industry regulatory requirements and best practices, airlines need to have a program that ensures its cabin operations personnel are trained and competent to perform SMS duties.

  • English

Safety Management System (SMS) for Ground Operations (classroom)

Learn how to manage risks in ground operations through proactive risk assessment, mapping and mitigation actions

  • English

Safety Management System (SMS) Recurrent (LIVE virtual classroom)

Stay abreast with the latest Safety Management Systems (SMS) developments and practices.

  • English

Safety Management Systems (SMS) - Implementation and Control (classroom)

This practical course gives you the expertise to implement a successful Safety Management System (SMS) in your airline with the latest tools and processes.

  • English

Safety Management Systems (SMS) - Train the Trainer (classroom)

Learn how to train to improve performance, introduce safer operations, and reduce costs in your airline while ensuring compliance with ICAO SMS requirements.

  • English

Safety Management Systems (SMS) Effectiveness (classroom)

With this course, you will learn to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and activities implemented under the Safety Management System (SMS) to manage safety risk.

  • English

Safety Management Systems (SMS) Executive Workshop (classroom)

Learn how to demystify ICAO/EASA Safety Management Systems.

  • English

Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Airlines (classroom)

Developed in accordance with ICAO principles, this course helps you fulfill SMS requirements and establish a functional SMS within your operations.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Airports (classroom)

Understand the mandatory requirements for airport/aerodrome Safety Management Systems to ensure compliant operations.

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