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Our Air Navigation Services training focuses on business management, air traffic management, AIS, safety, technology and change management. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) are not only responsible for providing safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services to airspace users in compliance with state regulations, but also for managing high-performance businesses.

There is increasing competition between ANSPs and pressure to improve safety and services, reduce costs and work in close coordination with airlines, neighboring states and other stakeholders. This collection of courses will help you respond to all of these demands.

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Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) in Civil Aviation (classroom)

Build on your knowledge of SMS, examining hazard and risk management, SMS operation, safety assurance and strategic integration.

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) (classroom)

Stay up-to-date with the latest in Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), reviewing SWIM, eTOD, AICM/ AIXM, aerodrome mapping, aeronautical information briefing, e-AIP, AIS/MET datalink.

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) (classroom)

Benefit from a comprehensive introduction to Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).

Air Navigation Services Management Diploma

Be equipped to manage the challenging ANSP environment and learn how to run a business enterprise.

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Air Traffic Services Management Diploma

Learn how to be a leader in air traffic services management.

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Air Transportation Management (classroom)

Gain a comprehensive overview of the air transportation industry plus management and presentation skills to boost your career.

Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) Methodology and Tool (classroom)

Areview of the Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) rationale, concepts, structure and methodology

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Airline Operations in Chinese Mainland (classroom)

Gain an understanding of the Chinese mainland operational infrastructure in order to recognize and develop more effective procedures within your own organizations

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Aviation English - Intensive (LIVE virtual classroom)

Develop the language skills needed to handle real-life situations arising in everyday aviation operations

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Aviation Law for Managers (non-lawyers) (classroom)

Acquire a general understanding of aviation law relevant to air navigation services, airlines, civil aviation authorities and airports.

Aviation Law Fundamentals (e-learning)

An overview on aviation law exploring the nine freedoms of air, Warsaw System and Chicago Convention

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Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) Implementation (classroom)

Get the latest updates on the ASBU work coordinated by ICAO and review the leading examples, NextGen and SESAR.

Benchmarking and Best Practices for Air Navigation Service Providers (classroom)

Learn how to use benchmarking effectively to deliver service improvements and achieve better performance results.

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CNS/ATM Planning Master Class (classroom)

Learn how to manage air traffic services complying with the objectives of the ICAO Global ATM System.

Cost Reduction Strategies for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) (classroom)

Profit from the best practices of international leaders in Air Navigation Service Provision to reduce your costs and improve your operating result without compromising your safety performance.

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Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) (classroom)

Benefit from the latest in scientific discoveries and developments in the management of risk posed by fatigue in aviation.

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Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) and Safety Case Training for Regulators (classroom)

The latest information about fatigue from world-leading safety regulators, operators and scientific organizations - acknowledged as a critical element in aviation safety.

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Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) for ANS Providers (classroom)

Become familiar with fatigue risk management systems (FRMS) applicable to Air Traffic Management (ATM)

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Foundations of CNS/ATM (classroom)

Gain an overview of ICAO CNS/ATM technologies and infrastructure to support the transition to a performance-based air navigation system.

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Fuel Efficiency and Conservation (classroom)

Want to save 3% to 5% on your fuel bill? Perform a fuel efficiency audit of your own organization and undertake a structured implementation and cultural change program.

Global Reporting Format (GRF) for Runway Surface Conditions - Air Navigation Service Providers (e-learning)

Get to know the fundamental changes in the new reporting system related to the introduction of Runway Condition Code (RWYCC)

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Human Factors and Safety Management Fundamentals (partner-taught or self-study)

Providing you with the principles of Human Factors and Safety Management Fundamentals and the necessary knowledge to foster and promote a positive safety culture within your organization

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Human Factors for ATSEP (classroom)

Human factors knowledge is used to optimize the fit between people and the systems in which they work, to improve safety and performance

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Human Factors in Aviation (classroom)

Gain a comprehensive overview of the effect and management of human factors in aviation with this foundation course.