​​​Air transport generates incredible social and economic benefits for a lot of different people, governments, national economies, large and small businesses, and travelers who simply want to visit family or enrich their lives by seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. To this end we are actively pursuing our ‘value of aviation’ campaign to highlight these benefits – to encourage governments to help air transport unleash its value.

One way that governments can help is to regulate our industry in a harmonized way, facilitating the global aviation system that is so critical to modern life - our ‘smarter regulation’ campaign is aimed at working with governments to drive this agenda forward.

Some of the areas where we see a need for a smarter regulation approach are consumer protection, ratification of the 1999 Montreal Convention, unruly passengers, the management of airport take-off and landing slots, taxes on air transport and problems that airlines have in repatriating the money they make in overseas markets.